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Tory Burch (née Robinson; born June 17, 1966) is an American fashion designer, businesswoman, and philanthropist. She is the Executive Chairman and Chief Creative Officer of her own brand, Tory Burch LLC. She was listed as the 73rd most powerful woman in the world by Forbes in 2015.

Shannon shares her disappointing experience on, "I bought two of Tory Burch's Serif-T Stackable Rings as a birthday gift for my daughter...all of the "T"s fell off the first time she wore them. I emailed asking for a refund, and only received an automated response saying they would email within 7 days. After two weeks and no word, I tried calling customer service. After waiting on hold for two hours, no one answered the call. Terrible product, even worse customer service."


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Lisa Alfieri says

"You cant make this stuff up. I had three gift cards that I misplaced, and when I found them and tried to check the balance, there was none. I had to call customer service and argue with them to reinstate the over $600 balance, - I understand it is not LEGAL to deactivate gift cards. Finally was able to order 2 bags online, only received one- and returned the one bag I received to the NorthPark store to exchange within 2 days of receipt. Got home with the replacement bag only to find snotty tissues, (COVID GROSS) combs, lipstick, and other personal items in it. Had to return to the store. Still do not have second bag, and no help from customer service. Worst experience ever- Not a luxury brand folks. WORST EXPERIENCE EVER EVER!! And now I get to call again to complain about the missing bag :("

Michelle Sykes says

"If I could give minus 5 stars I would. I returned an order on December 22nd and it is still showing as being at Hermes UK hub from 27th Dec. Nearly 3 weeks there! I have emailed customer services 3 times and each time they give me a deadline when they will receive the return but each time that date comes and goes they give me another deadline date. They are blaming Brexit as returns go to Amsterdam but I made a return to MyTheresa last week in Germany and return was processed and refund received within 5 days! It is now 4 weeks since I sent my return back to Tory Burch and they don’t care they are sitting on £1900 of my money. Absolutely disgusting and I will never use them again."

Brittany Ellam says

"Horrible delivery service by Tory Burch. I wish I had read these reviews before purchasing from them. I had placed my order on December 13th and did not receive an order confirmation until December 21st despite constant calling to their customer care. The order will not make it for Christmas which is a beyond disappointment. The Customer Care staff is their only saving grace - helpful and supportive. Tory Burch ecom needs to sort out their systems and customer experience. I will never be purchasing from their .com again."

Emma says

"Horricle customer service. They kept on sending the wrong size shoe repeatedly and their compalints department don't even bother reading the complaint. They assured me that the second time round the shoe size was correct but they STILL sent the wrong shoes. Horrible. NEVER using them again."

Uyen says

"If I can give a -5 stars, I would. The worst experience ever and will be my last time buying anything from Tory Burch. I purchased a handbag online and used afterpay as payment. Apparently they were doing a test run with afterpay. I wanted to return the handbag so the website only told me that if it's paypal or apple pay that their boutiques can't return so selected to return at a local boutique. Went there and had to wait 45 mins then they said they can't return orders made with afterpay. They shipped the bag back to their return center. Once they received my order, I asked over chat how long will they take to process my return and refund me. The rep said 14 days. I even asked twice if they are sure 14 days and not 14 business days, they said 14 days. Its now the 14th day but no refund yet. I called their customer service and then was told its 14 business days. The rep said they will get this escalated to their leadership. Waited another 6 days to make it 14 business days, kept checking my email to see if I got a message from afterpay for tory burch refund but nothing. Chat with customer service rep about refund status and they don't see anything. The rep said they will escalate this again to their leadership. I am getting so frustrated! This was my first purchase with Tory Burch and will be my last!!! I will not recommend any of my family and friends to purchase from this company!!!!"

Urooj K says

"Hi, I purchased a Tory Burch belt less than a year ago and the belt has been horrible quality. The screw comes out every time I put the belt on. I understand this is a reverse belt however, whenever I use it, the belt keeps falling out of the screw no matter what hole I put it in. This happened after less than a year. I would recommend if you could send me another piece of the logo so that the screw properly fits and does not fall out- or send me a new belt. Name: Nafisa Karim Product: Tory Burch Reversible 1.5” Logo-Buckle Belt."

FNi says

"Very bad customer experience."

Iara Cabral says

"Absolutely terrible customer service! I had to wait for a month after the item has been sent back for a refund. I have Never had a reply from my emails and trying to call is a waste of time. Stay away!!!"

Di S. says

"Seems like a big scam, getting as much cash as they can before closing down. Avoid ordering from them otherwise you will lose money. They have very strange practices. I haven t got refund for my order cancelled from their side more than 1 month ago! They have offered me some small credit as “compensation” but I had doubts and ordered a cheap earrings in order not to spend more cash. Of course this order has not been delivered, the same story as with my first order. After my e-mails to customer service no reply. I am going to check the EU consumer rights directive and report them to relevant authorities for unfair practices."

Mrs O'Leary says

"Delivery times are pathetic. Everyone else seems to have got their act together. Get a grip!!"

Clare says

"I too have been waiting for a refund for 2 weeks now. I have emailed the address as per the UK website twice with no response. I have however had a response via Facebook Messenger - this was within a few hours of my message being sent. I was told to allow 7-14 business days from when your return is received (you can find this information on their website). I have a further 5 business days to go so here’s hoping....."

Maria says

"All I can say is I wish I read these reviews before buying from their website. My return hasn't been processed after More than 10 days and they have ignored every single one of my emails. I don't know what to do. This is the worst shopping experience I've ever had."

Chuting Feng says

"This is my first time shopping online and it is the worst experience ever! I ordered a pair of shoes two weeks before and they didn’t dispatch them at all after ages so I canceled order through customer service and they confirmed it has been canceled. The funny thing is , they shipped them after a week I canceled the order and took my money without my permission. Can’t reach out any customer service cos no reply. And they shipped the shoes with wrong size so I cannot even just keep them. Such an annoying experience and I feel disgusted. Would never buy anything form this brand again !!! The worst ever!!!"

Cee SB says

"Oh my!! I wish I had read these before purchasing! I ordered a pair of sandals and returned as they were too big. 3 weeks later and I am still waiting for my refund! Customer service is non-existent and all emails have been ignored!! Never again!!"

Anamika Alam says

"What a rubbish company.No customer service.none of the phone no works!!!!took my shoe away 2weeks back and Hermes has confirmed delivery to them.But still has not paid my money back.Looks like this company is going down."

Amnah Nadeem says

"I wish i could give tory burch less than one star. I ordered a bag 15 days ago and haven’t received anyyy email regarding it. On the contrary i got my money back in my account 🤬 i have emailed them almost daily but no response about my order. So pissed how can be a store this badddd!!!! No im not gonna go ahead with it. Never purchase from them again !!"

Nadine says

"I wish I had looked at these reviews before making a purchase. I bought two miller sandals on sale, this was the 8th of July. I still have not received them. I have contacted customer services and they told me there are delays because of COVID. No other online business had such a delay. The funny thing about them is they have emailed me saying the sandals have been shipped but they have not even arrived at the Hermes depo. I thought they were coming from the US, but they come from NL. How can I justify such a delay? I just can't. If you want to sell your items as a designer and with a designer price tag, start from treating your customers well. I might just return them because I am so angry about this huge delay. This company doesn't deserve the over £200 I have spent."

Shem Cimafranca says

"I ordered a mask set. To get it, it took more than a month. I asked about any updates three times and they told me about the delay. I was voicing my disappointment when I contacted them the fourth time. They shipped the mask the following day. Usually, I don't send poor reviews but it's been the worst shopping experience online."

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